by Rats!

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released January 22, 2016


tags: punk emo Auckland


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Rats! Auckland, New Zealand

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Track Name: It's Not The Words You Say
It's not the words you say, that I, long to hear
Its just the space in between, that fills the air

But we're still happy, if we're singng, even if our voices, are fucking stinging
Track Name: Aldous Huxley
To say Aldous Huxley, is your favourite author, to read a book in public just to show your order, is it cool now, to say i've read capital?
Well even Marx had his flaws
Track Name: Cutesy Song
Why would I waste my time on anyone else
when I hide what I feel and the way i've felt

People change more in a year than you'd ever expect
But this got cut off too soon now im filled with regret

I want to learn french and impress you again
I want to call you more than just a friend
Track Name: I Hate Boys
Maybe I'm just to young to understand your humor
Or just sheltered from human interaction
But I dont find these sexual connotations
In every single sentence remotely amusing for a second

How will I ever make a difference in this world in this world
When I cant bare to deal with objectification

How will I ever make a difference in this world when it seems
Every male mindsets obsessed with unrelatable dialect